About the Artist

For as long as I can  remember, I have been drawn to art.  Not the kind that hangs on walls in museums but in the myriad little details that surround us every day:  the soft pink cherry blossom just opening its petals; the beauty of a piece of driftwood, greyed and softened by the tides; the fluid lines and rich colors of fall leaves.  These are the things that inspire my art. 

For years, I bounced around among various mediums, and I enjoyed them for a time.  But with polymer clay, I found a medium that would finally allow me the freedom to create the images I saw in my mind's eye, be they flat and painterly or delicately sculpted.  It's a medium that lends itself well to mimcry.  It's a chameleon that can become beautifully aged bronze, an ancient piece of jade, a richly grained wood, or a delicate bloom.  It is a medium with endless possibilities that allows me to translate the details in nature that inspire me into wearable pieces of art.

I am self-taught, learning through exploration and a healthy dose of staring off into space imagining, but I am also a teacher at heart.  There is joy for me in creating and even more when I'm privileged to share it with others.  -JoLecia